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The planty


At the end of 17th century, Krakow was surrounded by a double town wall with 47 towers , a barbican and 8 main entrances.
Unfortunately, most of these town walls were destroyed by order of Austrian emperor during the 19th century. However, this irretrievable mistake was balanced, because the area where town walls were standing was used to create a park surrounding the old town: The Planty .



Only north side of town walls still subsists, including the Florianska entrance and the barbican. The barbican has 3 meters thick walls, 130 loopholes, 7 lookout towers. It is the larger barbican among the 3 which still subsist in Europe. On the ancient town wall of Florianska entrance, painters usually sell their work .


The Planty isolate the old town, reserved for pedestrians, from outside, and play a great part in keeping Krakow in another time.

The Planty are always open.

You can meet there on a bench, wander through it in one hour for a walk , or in several days if you want to visit all the close monuments (Royal Castle, religious buildigs, museums, theaters....).