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Passages and cellars


Krakow is a town with several levels, with hidden places, and travellers in a hurry who just traverse the Old Town may miss many interesting places. Beyond monuments and nice building frontages, passages and yards are hidden, and cellars with theaters, pubs and shops.


In Krakow, you should never let the first impression prevail. If an old building has no display and only small signs on it, it does not mean it is empty. Don't hesitate, push the heavy iron door; search for the cellar entrance, or climb the stairs, and you may find a very good pub.

If you can hear music coming from a grid inside a wall or from the ground, search for the cellar . In many buildings looking like private properties you can find good places.



Among the 200 pubs you can find in the Old Town, more than half are hidden in yards and beautiful cellars made of stones and bricks, and even sometimes at higher floors in medieval buildings.

One of the best ways to spend the night in Krakow after spending the day visiting, is to explore cellars and passages to search for unknown places! It is quite easy to find good places almost unknown from foreigner travellers.