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Since twenty years now, TV channels regularly show us alarming reportings about Poland and eastern european countries.


To make a good reporting about Poland, recipe is simple:
  • Take an old shaking film in black and white for sadness.
  • Add young people in a squalid universe for wasted lifes starting.
  • Add a few grandmothers without teeth for wasted lifes finishing.
  • Film only large concrete landscapes and if possible entire districts. - Film only in suburbs, film exclusively collapsing buildings, and don't be afraid to exagerate.


Then you obtain the classical reporting about Poland, This one you can watch on every TV channel since 10 years without anybody thinking about refreshing it, even if there were unbelievable changes during 10 years!
Nevertheless, it's easy to make the same kind of reporting about any other place in Europe. Moreover, pictures you can see in these pages don't show Poland, but Paris suburbs !.
Let's imagine that a country like France was only presented abroad using such pictures... what would you think about it? Would you visit such a country?


No, Poland doesn't limit to suburbs, neither to industrial sites, and suffers to be almost unknown abroad.

Emancipation from sovietic model was a difficult process, and many difficulties still remind us about dark years. But Poland is now a country in deep mutation, offering visitors peaceful villages like in France during the 60's, and modern overequipped cities.

You can find in Poland various landscapes , from south montains (Tatry) to shores of the Baltic sea, through fertile plains, primary forest and Mazurie's thousand lakes.