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akor merkezi |yemek tarifi |canlı radyo dinle |ukash |ukash kart |
As temperature still exceeds 29°C (84°F) this week-end, let's go to country side to breath better.

Direction Tenczynek, village 20 kilometers west from Krakow. A narrow road leads us to top of hill, close from medieval castle ruins. Parking (2 zlotys, free entrance) and refreshment bar stand at the end of a dirt track continuing the road.



From here, a nice viewpoint on the valley. In spite of an extremly warm summer this year, landscape stays green. 


Perfect for falling flat on the ground in trees shadow, but idleness will be for later. Let's visit!.


Concerning history, because there has to be history here, the castle was built between 1331 and 1361 by the administrator of Krakow region (administrative region : województwo) as seat of his power. Soon, family name of this man became Tenczynski (from Tenczynek). In 15th century, the castle was enlarged, and towards 1570-79 transformed into a renaissance residence. In 17th century, barican and bastions were added.
Unfortunately, the castle was burnt by Swedish during their invasion in 1756. In spite of a partial rebuilding, it was abandoned from the second half of 18th century.


We just enjoy fresh air between old walls. Ruins are not protected, and a few people who spent the night there, finish removing their tent. Camping in such a landscape, great idea! In the middle of the court, a so old tree that it diserved to be called ' monument of nature'.


After visiting, we retire on the next hill. A few families had the same idea. A very quiet place in shadow of a pine, to breath, admire the castle perched on a leaves cascade , and the valley.