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Krakow old town

Before Krakow, there was for me a big difference between museums and entertainment.

But Krakow succeeded in blending these two elements within an average size town!Roman, Gothic, Renaissance, Art deco, labyrinthine cellars with brick vaults. Music and danse underground, churches and museums above the ground.


Krakow and it's youth, the crowd. 80000 students released in an eternal looking middle-age scenery. 200 pubs and restaurants in the old town, about 15 theatres, artists on the streets , university buildings everywhere, inhabitants and visitors coming from all European countries. The whole intellectual life and entertainment of a great capital city in a provincial town!

And what scenery! Contrary to most European cities, which were heavily transformed during the last centuries, Krakow old town has been keeping the same drawing since the municipal charter in 1254!
A 200 meters large main market square (largest medieval market square in Europe) and large streets for that time cutting across each other prependicularly. The whole is linked to the castle by the Royal way.

On this simple drawing were built during centuries many complex buildings containing yards and large cellars.
Each building in the old town streets has it's own story, it's famous characters. And however each building, far from being a museum, contains a restaurant, or a pub. You can even find one restaurant which is a medieval monument, as it is open since 1364!
The whole old town is forbidden to vehicles and protected from the agglomeration by a parc which surrounds it and replaces the ancient town walls (Planty).
Always something happens on Krakow main market place (concerts, sports events, street theatre, jazz rock or classical music festival, students feasts, fireworks...etc).
You can meet your friends sitting down to a table in their favorite pub, often without arranging to meet. Immediately, the town's atmosphere is there; each thing, each human being takes it's place.